Water Footprint

Global water shortages and alarming water quality of our local rivers has the team of The Grape Company thinking in more practical and innovative ways on how to resolve the problems locally. The Grape Company’s new building holds a four star green star SA rating and shows our leadership in sustainability.

We launched a Water Quality Action Plan in 2011 ensuring that all the input water qualifies as drinking water. The plan is based on the following key points:

  • Water Quality Analysis of all the input water
    Analytic proof that the water is suitable drinking water according to SANS 241.
  • Focus on hygiene contact sanitation
    HACCP systems in place in all pack houses ensuring a good hand wash sanitation protocol
    Important field hand wash sanitation protocol while handling the grapes.
  • Importance of correct markers at irrigation dames.
    No swimming signs on all dames.

The growers supplying The Grape Company are all proactive on water sustainability. They only irrigate according to a specific variety co-efficient. With the use of irrigation probes they can accurately monitor the amount of water needed by the vine.

The growers are doing exceedingly and above the norm to educate everyone on the farm in the importance of good and efficient water practices. Through experimenting with low-flow shower heads, rain catchments, low pressure geysers, and good sustainable water practices the growers supplying The Grape Company is playing a small but important role in the global water crises.

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