Soil Quality

We at The Grape Company believe that each generation is the custodian of the land for a limited period of time only. Thus we are responsible for sustainable usage of our soil for use by future generations. In South Africa we have a complex soil layout which makes farming quite a challenge.

To assist and help the farmers to overcome the above mentioned challenge they have adapted their farming practices by doing the following:

Soil samples – Soil samples are taken annually on different vineyard blocks to determine the specific needs of the plants to prevent the usage of extra fertilizer.

Rootstocks – Our farmers use different rootstocks on different types of soil so that the plant will function optimally without the use of to much fertilizer.

Mulch – Straw and cuttings is put down around each tree to keep the soil moist and make a healthy environment for earth-worm activity.

Compost tea – Some farms use a special formulation of bacteria in their compost tea to help with the decomposition of the mulch and organic foods.

Worms – Earthworms are bred by some of our farmers and they produce excellent, natural plant nutrients that we can gather and add to the soil through the irrigation.

Compost - Soil quality is enhanced by adding compost to each planting hole and then further additions of compost during the early growing years.

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