Residue Free

What is zero residue product?

  • From a retailer perspective this could vary and is not always consistent.

          - Zero residues do not imply no chemicals.
          - Zero residues do not imply organic production.
         - Zero residues rely heavily on the thorough implementation of best agricultural practice and a holistic approach to the implementation of properly   researched and communicated integrated control strategies.

In terms of EU Directive 396 of 2005, zero residues have been given a value of 0.01 parts per

  • In terms of Codex and certain of the retailers, i.e. Tesco; zero residue is the lowest level of reliable detection. This value fluctuates between chemicals, but it is never lower than 0.01.
  • In many instances this implies values higher than 0.01 parts per million.
  • Examples: Abamectin can be detected without debate at 0.01 parts per million.
  • Azinphos-methyl cannot be accurately measured below 0.05 parts per million.
  • Captan, Folpet, Fenamiphos, etc. cannot be accurately reported below 0.02 parts per million.

Thus, We start off every season with a residue free program.

The sustainability of this program is highly dependent on

  • Rain
  • Unexpected Grape Diseases

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