Food Safety

We as The Grape Company see Food Safety as one of the most important responsibilities we share with our growers. We believe that Food Safety begins on the farm. Therefore all our growers have to adhere to all national and international standards of all aspects of the Food Safety Chain.

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Our Food safety chain consists out a variety of components. As only an export company hold the Growers that we use to the highest standards. All growers are Global Gap approved along with additional accreditations which include points like ethical and sustainability.

Also part of our Food safety chain is pesticide regulations and the compliance with aal market Minimum Residue Levels standards. We do intensive Risk Assessments which include regular MRL, water etc testing.

Furthermore we incorporated our own standards which include a number of Good agricultural practices named Grapeco Greatness.

For the food safety chain we also have a 100% traceability protocol which we can trace back product to the original source.

We as a company strive to be eminently innovative and therefore are up to date with the latest trends and agricultural practices, thus striving to deliver safe and reliable products.

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